2Pac Yaki Kadafi Alive As Jurassic 5

2Pac Yaki Kadafi Alive

Ok when I first come across this video on the internet I quicky dismissed it as another stupid 2pac hoax claiming he’s still alive and breathing. But see then I watched this video and its kinda caught my attention.

First of all the guy the video claims is Yaki Kadafi the deceased former member of 2pac’s group “The Outlawz” looks exactly like him. In the video below I think your going to also agree that it’s just too much of a coincidence. And the first time I watched the video I myself was like 95% sold that Chali 2na was really Yaki Kadaki.

2Pac Yaki Kadafi Alive

Now me myself more then almost anybody wants to believe that 2Pac is alive but this video does not sell me all the way. I do notice the bone structure in the face along with the nose. The thing that if anything sticks out more to me then anything is the glow in AKil the MC’s eyes that really reminds me of 2Pac.

2Pac Yaki Kadafi Alive? – U Decide

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