Afeni Shakur Says 2Pac’s Alive!

Afeni Shakur Says 2Pac’s Alive

Afeni Shakur Says 2Pac's Alive

2Pac’s Mother  Afeni Shakur, the inspiration for her sons classic song, “Dear Momma.” Was an extremely strong and powerful woman. She was a Black Panther who was in jail during her pregnancy with her son Tupac. She was held and accused of conspiracy to bomb Police Stations in New York in the early 70’s.

Afeni was almost considered the mother of Hip-Hop as her son 2Pac is regarded by most as the all-time greatest rapper ever. People in the Hip-Hop community look upon Afeni Shakur with the highest level of love and respect.

The video below comes from an interview that Afeni did many years ago. Now you be the judge but it seams she’s suggesting that her son faked his death. Take a listen and you be the judge yourself…

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Afeni Shakur Says 2Pac’s Alive

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