Love And Hip Hop Reunion Show LEAKED!!!

Love And Hip Hop Reunion Show

Heres a little insight about the Love & Hip Hop reunion show. It was just as CRAZY as you would imagine!

And just to let you know Tammy, Waka, Rod, Jasmine and Keanna are NOT on the reunion.

And just as you would guess there were fights. Lovely MiMi and Jessica Dime get into it at the reunion, and the shocking part is that LOVELY MiMi appeared to win. That Asian woman GOT HANDS on her! And supposedly after whooping Jessica, she then started complaining, that she “broke a nail” LOL.

Stevie J. didn’t at all the any part in the drama. His attorney attended the show and consulted him before he answered questions….

Joseline appeared to be HIGH ON SOME TYPE OF NARCOTIC and out of her brain. She ended up getting upset with producer Mona Scott Young and then leaves the reunion early. The word is she was then immediately FIRED FROM THE SHOW!

Joseline then went on social media and said that she’s officially QUITTING Love And Hip Hop!

Sierra, Shooter and Moriah all started arguing at some point but NO no blows were thrown: Moriah called out Shooter saying he was broke and Shooter said on his life that he “put her in check”.

Rod, Jasmine and Keanna did not attend the Love And Hip Hop Reunion Show, but the DNA results for Jasmine’s son were be revealed. Jasmine also wrote Rasheeda a make-up letter apologizing for not talking to her woman to woman.

And the results are… Kirk IS THE FATHER!!!

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