Will Smith Family Secrets: Not A Perfect Family

Will Smith Family Secrets

Mr. Smith has came such a long way from his rap record with DJ Jazzy Jeff. And the lead in the hit TV show “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”. Soon Will Smith became one of the biggest actors in Hollywood and made great movies. He went on to marry and start a family with Jada Pinkett and birth kids who have become stars. The Smith’s like other families are not perfect and these are some things you might not know about them…

Will Smith’s Strange Family Secrets

Will Smith Family Secrets

Will Smith is something like America’s sweetheart. No matter how successful the movies end up to be, we still cheer for him. He’s charismatic, talented, handsome and has a beautiful wife and kids. And, uh, yeah, about that last part? It’s weird. That whole thing is weird…

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